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Laura (likes cooking) and Martin (likes eating)

My name is Laura. I'm no professional chef but I do enjoy cooking. Most of what I have learnt about cooking is from watching cooking programmes on TV - it's a bit of an addiction in fact...

My fiance Martin discovered fairly recently that he was allergic to dairy products and eggs. He hasn't always had this allergy, but he had been suffering from sinus headaches and stomach problems for a couple of years - problems that have all but gone since he figured out the root cause (dairy and eggs).

Now he's aware of the problem, Martin can often tell very quickly if he's eating something that contains milk or eggs, as his sinuses start to get blocked up. Although not necessarily as reliable as an ingredients list... this skill of his can be useful in identifying dairy when we don't have more reliable clues to go on.

Discovering Martin's dairy and egg allergy presented me with something of a challenge. Being the main cook of the household (and also the person who does the food shopping), I wanted to be able to cook food that we could both enjoy. A big benefit of going dairy-free is that it makes it easier to avoid unhealthy cheesy and creamy foods. We try to eat healthily, and a dairy-free diet fits in nicely with that.

The recipes on this website are just some of the meals I like to cook on a day-to-day basis. You can use them as full recipes, or just to get ideas. We are really keen to try and recreate meals that traditionally use dairy or eggs. We want to demonstrate how it is possible to not follow a recipe exactly, but make some substitions or just to leave out the offending ingredient. It doesn't always work but in some cases you would never know the difference!

So that's why we have made this website - to help others who are in the same boat as us. Avoiding dairy is really not so bad when you get the hang of it. Martin is loving his new diet without dairy and eggs, and most importantly without headaches and stomach problems.

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