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Allergy Advice - Mayo

If you are allergic to milk, certain foods are obviously off the cards: milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese of all varieties, cream, sour cream, creme fraiche, fromage frais. Then there all the foods that are made with dairy products or eggs: mayonnaise, batter, cakes, biscuits, pastry, milk chocolate, toffee, egg noodles, fresh pasta, pizza, the vast majority of desserts...

The real surprises come in the unexpected forms of milk products: crisps (or chips if you're from the US) often contain milk, and it's not just the cheesy ones you have to watch out for; tinned tuna can contain milk protiens; lactose (from milk) is used as a glazing agent on bread, and is commonly found in pills... Imagine that - you're getting headaches as a result of an undiagnosed dairy allergy, and you're hoping to improve things with pills that, unbeknown to you, contain concentrated lactose!

To be honest it can be quite daunting - but don't worry! We have been there and discovered these things for you already! We have written the information on this website to help you out. We have tips on how to live a dairy and egg free lifestyle including recipes and advice for eating out.

Basic guidance

Dairy Free Margerine

Soya milk is a great place to start. You can have it on your cereal, in hot drinks and you can use it to make sauces. There are also other types of non-dairy milk to choose from, such as rice milk and oat milk.

Look out for dairy-free margerines - these can be used instead of butter. Bear in mind that even sunflower margerines often contain some dairy. There are completely milk-free products available.

In the supermarket check the labelling on packages. You will be surprised how often you see "contains milk" in the allergy advice (I was!).

What next?

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