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It's Shrove Tuesday - and You Can Have Pancakes Too!

While a large proportion of the world celebrate Mardi-Gras with fabulous carnivals, we in Britain have pancake day! I wonder if it's something to do with the weather... it wouldn't be quite the same without the sunshine. I don't mean to sound disparaging about the British tradition - I love pancakes!

Memories, nothing sweeter than memories (especially those containing maple syrup)

I remember watching Blue Peter as a child and every year the newest presenter would be attempting to show us how to make a proper pancake, but would inevitably end up with the pancakes on the floor. Classic entertainment when you are 9 years old.

In our house, it was much more successful. My Mum, being an expert pancake chef, would create a seemingly endless supply for me and my sister. We'd sprinkle them with lemon juice and sugar, and the occasional dribble of maple syrup for variety. All in all it was a magical day that I always looked forward to.

Is there going to be a point to this story?

"Well this is all very nice" (you might be thinking, sarcastically) "Why don't you just bang on about how great pancakes are, when I can't eat them because I'm allergic to milk and eggs! This website is supposed to be about food I can actually eat...!?"

And the answer, of course, is that you should be able to eat pancakes. Why should you miss out on all this fun? You shall eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! At Dairy-Free Me we want to make it happen, and we like a challenge. Two of the three main ingredients in pancakes are eggs and milk - lets try making pancakes without either!

Experiment time!

Ingredients: no eggs, no milk and flour!

It was time once again to turn to my trusty friend the Egg Substitute powder. (see the bake-off). For the milk, I thought I'd go for oat milk. It's thicker than soya milk, and I thought it might help things along.

I'm not sure where my basic pancake batter recipe came from, I have had it written down in my notebook for some time... but it was as follows:

Making the batter

So I followed the instructions on the egg substitute powder and add the appropriate amount to the flour, then added 300ml of the oat milk, crossed my fingers and whisked.

So far, so good. My batter looked like it's supposed to, so I heated some oil in my new frying pan (which I bought especially for the occasion). Then added a ladle full of the batter to the pan and began to fry. It all seemed to be going very well until I tried to toss it...

Oh No!

So far so good... Disatser Strikes!

Oh dear. It's Blue Peter all over again. It could have been first-pancake nerves, but I think the cause was that I didn't put enough batter in - it just fell apart. We are breaking into new territory here after all.

On the second attempt I put a bit more of the batter in, and the results were much better. It looked like a pancake, and smelt like a pancake! Not wanting to tempt fate, I decided to be ultra-cautious so I flipped it with my spatula (yes ok - I'm a big wuss).

The results..

A short while later on, I had a reasonably impressive pile of pancakes. We ate them with lemon and sugar, in-keeping with tradition, and they were great! Slightly paler in colour than the real thing, but tasted just fine. This is more like it! Delicious dairy-free egg-free results

Hooray for Pancake Day!

What next?

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