Dairy Free Me

Living without dairy and eggs

Quick Dairy-Free Desserts

One of the first things you notice when eating out on a dairy-free diet, is that the dessert menu is extremely limited. If you're lucky you might get a fruit salad but that's pretty much it. Everything else on offer is likely to contain milk, cream, butter or eggs.

However since there are so many free-from options in the supermarket, it is possible to make something a bit more exciting. If you have time you could bake a cake (see Recipe Books or use aquafaba to make meringues, but here are some slightly less time consuming ideas.

Free-from yoghurt
Dairy-free dessert

Most supermarkets are stocking soya or coconut yoghurt. Get a glass (you know, to make it look fancy) and put in layers of crumbled dairy-free biscuit, free-from yoghurt, blueberries, and top with a drizzle of maple syrup.

Free-from ice-cream
Dairy-free ice-cream

Everytime I look in the freezer section of the supermarket there seems to be a new brand of dairy-free ice-cream. My favourite is the Swedish Glace Vanilla, made from soya. Jazz it up a bit with some strawberries, toasted chopped nuts and golden syrup.

Free-from custard
Christmas Pudding

Alpro do a long-life soya custard which I think tastes just like the real thing. Around Christmas time you will find that a lot of the Christmas puddings are dairy-free, sometimes the 'luxury' ones have added cream so make sure to check the ingredients. They also last for months so you can buy them at Christmas and keep them in the cupboard.

Then if you need an emergency last minute dessert (as we all do sometimes), you can retrieve the pudding and the custard from the cupboard and heat in the microwave. Adding chopped banana is quite a nice touch. In our house we refer to this as 'Banismas Pudding'.